The Christian World view in the World

I’ve been involved in a couple of interesting conversations in Facebook in the last couple of days. (For what it’s worth I also managed to stay out of one I saw on a friend’s status…) They’ve involved Biblical teaching and standards and involved deep discussion on what is right and wrong, along with who gets to decide it.

The topics invariably brought up the concept of a person’s world view. Each of us has our own world view, which is simply our beliefs and opinions about different issues. It is influenced by our religion, our politics, our life experiences, and forms the lens through which we look at the world, and the things that go on in it. The world view of a Christian (should) be dramatically different from a non-Christian. However the priority influence on their world view has to be Christ and the Bible, and not a talk show host, celebrity, or even a family member. When someone asks a Christian why they believe a certain way their answer shouldn’t be, “Because my Mama said so,” but rather that the Bible teaches this.

When a person has the appropriate world view it impact their every decision. Where they eat, what they drink, who their closest friends are. A Christian has to be mindful of every decision to ensure that it is pleasing not in the eyes of man, but in the eyes of God. As my signature on my emails says- Soli Deo Gloria, all the glory God.

What about you- do you claim to be a Christian but yet your world view looks no different than those around you who would never claim to be a Christian? Is there a difference in your life? Do you live your life for your own glory, or to the glory of God?

Soli Deo Gloria!

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