Of Moms and Such…

This Mother’s Day is certainly going down as different from the plan, although I must say that nearly every day at the Parker house winds up going down different from the plan. I have been meaning to devote a little attention to this little blog of mine, in fact I have several different posts running around in my head to write about… if I can get my act together to post on a regular basis I’ve thought about submitting my blog to the Loganville-Grayson Patch to be included on their site. We shall see…but I digress…

Today is the day we set aside to celebrate Mothers, and all they mean to us. Moms certainly deserve more attention and recognition than just one day a year, especially my favorite one, the amazing Mama to my three (soon to be four) kids. Brandi (aka kwpmom on Twitter) is the perfect person to describe how the perfect mom should be. She’s the real life image of a Proverbs 31 Wife (except of course for the knitting, farming, and selling land and such (but who really does that stuff anymore).

In my mind she has the hardest job that any mom could have, that of a stay at home mom. Throw into the mix that we home school our kiddos, add a special needs kid, and a couple dogs and things are usually hectic at our house. She does an amazing job handling all of it, and does most of it by herself since I’m working a good bit. She always puts the needs of the kids (as well as mine) above hers, in fact I’m not sure of the last time she even thought about her own needs. When she has some extra spending money it’s usually the kids that benefit. She has way more on her plate than the average mom, and she does it all with grace and class. She’s a wonderful example to our kids of the wife I would want them to have one day, and I will certainly compare each prospective bride to my wonderful bride. At the Parker house we try and make sure she knows how wonderful we think she is, but like many things it sometimes gets neglected. So today, it’s all about the best Mom ever- Brandi Parker.

I Love You!

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