The Love of a Father: Undeserved Favor

We had an experience the other day at the Parker house that made me think of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Kaden (aka Kid #1) has had an acoustic guitar for awhile that has been in dire need of repair. Initially it was just needing some new strings, but then we found out that the head of it was loose from the body and it would need to be fixed before we could put his new strings on it. As it sometimes happens, Brandi and I forgot about it because it wasn’t a huge priority for us. It didn’t stop Kaden from playing with it, which made me feel like an incredible loser of a Daddy. Here’s my son playing with a broken guitar with one string because his Daddy didn’t make it a priority to get it fixed for him. So I decided that the next time I had a chance to swing through Wal-Mart (without the kids) I would just get him another one because he loves playing it so much. He doesn’t really ask for much (well, actually he does, especially when he’s looking at the Lego magazine, or any toy magazine) and he is an incredible helper for Brandi and I and doesn’t complain about it at all. We, especially Bran since she’s home with the kids while I’m at work, would be completely lost without Kaden.

As luck would have it on the day that I had a chance to stop in and pick him up a new guitar (along with some toys for his other brothers to keep me out of trouble with them) he had been horrible. He wasn’t listening to us at all, he was being incredibly smart alecky (he gets that from his Mama), and he had been fighting with his brothers all day. It had literally been a horrible day, and at first I was conflicted over getting anything for him since he had been so bad. I decided that I would still get it for him because I wasn’t sure when the next time I’d have to get the guitar, and he was normally so amazingly good. The situation made me think about the parallel between Kaden receiving this undeserved favor, and each of us receiving the undeserving favor from God. I decided that it could be used as an opportunity to teach Kaden about this undeserved favor.

It’s amazes me when I take the opportunity to think about how much God loves me even when I don’t deserve it. When I’m ignoring the teaching of Christ, or even acting in direct rebellion against God He still loves me. In fact the Bible makes it clear in Romans 5:8 that it was Christ who died for the sins of mankind while mankind was in rebellion against God. In fact Christianity is the only religion where God seeks out the relationship with man and removes the obstacles to this relationship. All other religions require you to be “good enough” to deserve a right standing with their god, while in Christianity God (through the person of Christ) justified us (i.e. declared us righteous) so that we could have a right standing with Him. There’s no way that I could ever be good enough to deserve the love of God, and I’m exceedingly thankful for His undeserved favor in my life.

These are the things that I shared with Kaden, that just like he didn’t deserve the guitar because of his rebellious actions, we don’t deserve the favor that God has shown us. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that God’s love and favor aren’t dependent on my actions because I know I could never be good enough to deserve it!

Living for His glory!


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  1. That is fantastic – what a great analogy and so true. Kids need to know they are loved “just because,” not because they’ve been “good enough” or what have you. Just as our Father loves us…. we obey Him out of love/respect, out of response to HIS love for us…not to try to curry favor or make him love us. Many people grow up with a distorted view of God like that… that He won’t love them/etc unless they are “good enough.” And it’s earthly fathers/mothers who set the tone for how children – future adults! – see their Heavenly Father (no pressure there…yikes, lol…).

    We are blessed!

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