Mr. Thief- we’re not friends…

I woke up this morning to find out that someone had stolen all of my lawn equipment in the middle of the night. My trailer was hooked up to my truck (and locked) with all of my equipment on it. Looks like they backed through my yard (next to the streetlight), cut the lock, hooked up to my trailer, and then drove away. All with the floodlight exposing them, and right next to my bedroom window. It was one of my Facebook friends who thought to post the info so that others might happen to see it.

Trailer: 5×10 Open Trailer with a wood floor. It had red weed eater racks on the passenger side and a homemade silver blower hook on the front of the passenger side. Tag #TL 043Y7

Mower: Exmark Commercial Zero Turn. 46″ Deck SN: 749128

Push mower: HONDA 21 inch Self-Propelled

Weedeater: Stihl FS90R SN: 279257791

Edger: Stihl FC95 SN: 269334173

Hedge Trimmer: Stihl HL100K 135* SN: 272983853

Blower: BR 600

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