Call Me Crazy…But My Heart is in Latvia…

Brandi and I have decided to “host” two orphans this winter in our home. It’s something that we were first exposed to when we started attending Crossroads. The cliff notes version is that you provide a home to orphans for a period of four weeks providing them the opportunity to see what it is like to be loved by a family and to also show them the love of Christ. We were going to host over the summer, but with a brand new baby we thought it might be too much for us.

On the advice of several of our friends we decided to host through an agency called Project 143. Brandi was keeping a lookout for the posting of the available kids for this winter and sent me a picture of two precious kids the other day. There was something about their picture that immediately drew me to them. Unfortunately when Brandi called the agency someone else had already placed them on hold. As it turns out this family decided to host some other kids and we will be hosting “P” (a 6 year old girl) and “L” (a 4 year old boy) from Latvia this winter.

We have talked about adoption for a long time, but I’ve had my reservations. I wanted to wait until our posse of boys were older before we added to the craziness. I was even pretty hesitant to be willing to host due to the costs involved. Wow has that changed for me. These particular two Latvian angels aren’t currently available for adoption, and we’re okay with that. Our goal isn’t to adopt them (now) but to simply shower them with love, the love of a family, and the love of God.

However with that being said, it’s almost as if part of my heart is in Latvia. It really makes no sense to me, but I love these two kids already and can’t wait until they get here. God willing, they may join our family one day, but they might not. Either way- my heart is in Latvia…

We will be asking you to come alongside us to help bring these angels here for the winter. It will take a considerable amount of money and we would love for you to play a part in taking care of the “least of these” through us hosting these orphans.

Here are the two orphans that will be spending a month with us:

Living for His Glory!




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