Free Lawn Care!

You read it right- FREE LAWN CARE!

Ok, so there is a little catch (but isn’t there always?) If you’ve kept up with us, you know we’re hosting two orphans from Latvia this winter. We still owe a little under $2,000 to bring “P” and “L” here for the four weeks. So here is a way to help us host, and receive some tangible benefits in the process: I will come out and perform yard work for you (which is what I do on the side) and instead of writing a check out to me, you can write it out to Project 143 (the hosting organization) and thus help us host these two precious orphans.

A rundown on the benefits for you:

-You receive the blessing of helping us host some orphans

-Your yard work is done (without you having to do it), and

-You receive a tax deduction (all contributions to Project 143 are tax deductible). How awesome is that!

Would you do me a favor and click “like” or “share” to give your friends the opportunity to see this post, and to help us out? We would greatly appreciate it!

Living for His glory,


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