On Stirring the Pot and Such…

If you’re reading this then odds are you have read some of the controversial/thought provoking posts I have made on my Facebook page to provoke conversation, and even debate in some situations. I have been thinking a bit about how things have been going…one of the problems is that I have been posting a status update or a link to an article and not really having the time/availability to stay involved in the discussion, so essentially I have been getting the ball rolling, but not really staying in the conversation. (Sound a little like deism to anyone?)

That seems certainly less than ideal in my opinion, and it doesn’t really look good on me, it just looks like I’m picking a fight and staying out of the resulting tousle. A friend posted a verse from Proverbs 18:2 the other day which spoke to the issue some as well: “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” I have no doubt that the verse wasn’t aimed at me in any sort of vindictive manner, but nevertheless it served to make me stop and think about the conversations we were having. If all we’re doing is just expressing our opinion without making the attempt to understand the others we are certainly simply wasting our time.

The results of the thinking that I have been doing is that I want to make a few tweaks to how the conversations take place. I enjoy a nice debate, and it’s just not my nature to shy away from controversy. My goal in life is to point others to Christ, and I want to be sure that our “Pot Stirring Tuesdays” are no different. The purpose of the pot stirring is to have conversations related to the Gospel, and not just to argue past each other. One way that I want to help with that is instead of posting a link or status update, I will try and post a blog post. That way I can introduce our “topic” and then present an argument or lay the Biblical foundation for the conversation. Another benefit is that you can click the “share” button and involve others in your circle of friends in the conversations that are taking place. I think that these changes will certainly help, and remove the feeling that I have of not being involved in the conversation, and not being able to steer the direction of the conversation.

So, what are your thoughts about our “Pot Stirring Tuesdays:”

Do you like them?

Do you want them to stop?

Is there anything that could be changed where you would like them better?

Do you like the conversations taking place on my Facebook page, or would you rather them take place on the blog?

DO you have any ideas for a topic to discuss? Comment here, email me, or post it on Facebook, and I’ll add it to the list!

Living for His Glory!


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