Happy Holidays and the Christian Response

It’s that time of year again- when all of the “Christians” get all up in an uproar over stores using Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas in their signage or advertisements instead of the “preferred” Merry Christmas. I’ve become increasingly convinced that many of the things that we as Christians make a big deal out of simply aren’t. A blog I read this morning dealt with this subject well and outlined some things that are more significant than worrying over a “Happy Holidays” greeting:

So when people get angry when someone says “Happy Holidays,” I get angry that they are angry.  If you want to keep Christ in Christmas, worry about things more important than the signs and decorations at JC Penney.  You think Christmas should be about Christ?  Then take up your cross and follow Jesus – not into department stores, but into the prisons, the hospitals, among the poor and the outcast.  You get angry when someone doesn’t say “Christmas?”  Try getting angry over Christ’s children dying of malnutrition or AIDS.  Try getting angry over the fact that the Christmas chocolate you love so much was kept cheap on the back of the working poor.  Try getting angry over the fact that Christians are keeping people out of churches with their closed minds and closed doors.

Did that hurt your feelings just a little? Good. The rest of the post will to. Head on over to his blog and read the rest of his Happy Holidays post. Sometimes we need our feelings hurt to help us realize what is truly important…and frankly…what isn’t important. So your favorite retailer says Happy Holidays? Ok. It’s their business. You don’t have to shop their, and would be well within your rights to choose to shop elsewhere. Instead of getting all upset and in a tizzy over it- show them Christ. That’s what’s really important that those around us see Christ in us, not that they say “Merry Christmas”


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  1. It still makes me sad though to have a little less of Him in Christmas seemingly every year…I feel bad that a new generation of children will have to “search” for Jesus and His message instead of it being presented to all…just sad.
    To be angry about it is not the proper response…so I agree with both blogs…love is always the answer. Love and service in love is the language of the spiritual life and of the heart that loves God.
    Thanks for the post and the link!

  2. Okay, okay, I admit to getting angry about the Happy Holidays thing. I think what mostly irks me is the silliness of it all. I work at a school and staff are discouraged from saying Merry Christmas. I think this is a misapplication of the establishment clause and is, like I said, just silly. It makes me feel as though we are being asked to pretend that Christmas doesn’t exist or that 99% of the students don’t celebrate it. If I were a Christian living in a Muslim country, and someone greeted me according to one of their holidays or religious observances, I wouldn’t be offended. That is not only part of their religion, but part of their culture. If someone said “Happy Hanukah” to me, I wouldn’t care that I don’t celebrate Hanukah; I would smile and be blessed that they thought to greet me in that manner. Christmas has been such a significant part of our culture, it just seems silly that our secular government is doing their part to make it a memory. It plays along with the unfair narrative that Christianity, as the dominant religion for the past 1700 years, has been marginalizing other faiths and now it’s time we’re more fair. In an effort to make everything fair, we’ve resorted to silliness.

    That said, Christmas hasn’t been about Christ for quite a while. He seems to have been pushed aside by a jolly red clad immortal Catholic saint, snowmen, and rampant consumerism. People often participated in Christmas without actually understanding or believing in the Christmas message. I have frequently watched movies or seen advertisements that talk about belief and love, but it is already so far removed from the message of Christmas. I just feel that we are pushing out any remnants of the story of Jesus in our public schools, which will result in an increasingly ignorant and secular minded culture. Christmas is a wonderful holiday and demonizing it, in my mind, is just plain silly.

    Throwing a tizzy fit about it doesn’t reflect Christ, which I am glad you pointed out. But I think it’s okay to be saddened and bothered by a culture that finds any mention of Christ more and more offensive. It’s a sign of the times.

    1. Angela,

      You are so very right. While I do not think it beneficial to get upset over the usage of “Happy Holidays” I am saddened that year after year Christ takes a less prominient role in many families celebration of Christmas. Christmas is now all about a fat guy in a red suit who brings you lots of nice things (as long as you are good). It has became all about “ME” and worry over buying everyone the “right” gift. It’s beyond frustrating for me.

      Thanks for visiting the blog (and commenting)!


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