Pot Stirring Tuesday- WWJG: Where Would Jesus Go

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything to stir the pot, so since I’ve been on my best behavior I decided to post something today that I ran across yesterday via one of the people I follow on Twitter. It was an article entitled “Whimsical Holiness” on a site called Gospel Centered Discipleship, which is a site devoted to providing resources to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus. The article was about the isolationist attitude that many Christians (including myself) sometimes have about going to certain places.

Here is a short paragraph that was at the end of the article that describes the heart of the article:

This is the power of incarnation and the character of whimsical holiness every Christian must learn to clothe themselves with. Redemption, liberation, and sanctification are all dirty jobs. The dirtiest! And the call of following Christ is a jump into pain, hell, and disorientation of all kinds of sinful acts without an arrogant, finger-pointing sense of judgment.

People with Jesus’ whimsical holiness don’t gasp for air when someone curses. They don’t avoid a group of people, a place, or a party because someone might get out of hand. They do inhabit dark places with the intention of protecting, and redeeming, befriending and befuddling people with Jesus’ acceptance and love. They do win the lost because they’re hanging out with the lost.

To get the fullest understanding of the intent of the author you should read the remainder of the article by clicking this link.

So, after reading the article- what are your thoughts?

Do you have an isolationist attitude that would be seen as completely different from that of Christ?

Are there places that a Christian should never be seen?

Are there places that it would be okay to go under some circumstances?

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