The Great Adventure: The Big Day

Yesterday was the big day. The one we had been waiting on for months now. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook for any length of time you’ve seen me mention us hosting two Latvian orphans for four weeks this winter.

If you’re not following me on Twitter then you should go here and rectify that immediately. If this is the first time you’ve heard anything about us hosting then you need to take a short hop over here and read a blog post I wrote back in September about hosting.

But I digress. Yesterday was the big day. Arrival day. If you don’t know me personally you might not know this, but I’m not really prone to stress. I have a ridiculously large number of faults, but generally stressing about things is not one of the things I struggle with. Except for yesterday. I was stressed to the max. Totally and completely stressed out. My mind kept running through all sorts of different scenarious: would these kids like us? Would we like them? Would the language barrier poses insurmountable difficulties? What if they were horrible? What if they were mean to our kids? The list literally went on…and on…and on…(well, you get the picture). I was literally sick to my stomach from my nerves. I was incredibly grouchy to my kids, the same ones that I would punch you in your throat if you were mean to. Those kids. It was simply a rough day for me.

Finally it came time to head to the airport (and no surprise- we were much later than I wanted to be). After waiting at the airport for what seemed like a day and a half we finally made it to a quieter area to be introduced to the kids. (There were sixteen or so kids flying in to meet their host families). When our two, (we’ll call them P and L) came through the door my heart was taken. They were terrified, as any four and seven year old would be when you flew them halfway around the world. We had a little trouble at this point but after talking with them and showing them pictures of their beds, some toys, and our dog they were very excited and everything was progressing nicely.

It was when we made it to the parking deck that things took a little turn for the worse. “L” had a complete meltdown when we got near the Suburban. It was not that he was simply pitching a tantrum. He was petrified. It was heartbreaking and frustrating all at the same time. It was so bad we had to call the chaperone for our area and have her meet us in the parking area to talk with him. What she was able to get out of him broke my heart. He had evidently had some sort of bad experience with large vehicles and men. I have no clue what it is, and I’m most certain I do not want to. It infuriates me that someone could do something to him to cause him to have this sort of fear though. I would like to punch them in their throat too!

We made it home finally and the kids were astounding. They were so outgoing and personable. We gave them a few things that we had for them and it was amazing to watch them as they opened the gifts. The smallest things elicited such a response from them that you would have thought it was priceless treasure. They went to bed happy, thankful, and peaceful. I went to bed the same, with a heart that was about to literally explode with joy, gratefulness, and love for these two precious Latvian angels….

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