The Great Adventure: The First Day

To be honest, we were a little concerned about how today would go- the first day of hosting. We had heard from several friends, and even the hosting agency that the first couple of days could awkward, and even that the kids might not come out of their rooms, or interact with you very much. Well let me just say- we didn’t just survive our first day- We rocked it!

Wow, what a great day we had. You would have thought that these two kids had known us for months even. There was absolutely no awkwardness, and much to my surprise, the language barrier was not of big of a hurdle as I thought it would be. Make no mistake, it is certainly an obstacle, but it was easier to communicate then I was afraid of. While neither P or L can speak English (although P is quickly catching on to certain words that we are having her repeat when we say them), she can read so that is a huge help. We are able to use our Google Translate App on our phones to translate the correct word so we can communicate to them. It’s fun to watch as we struggle to understand them, and they are struggling to understand us. When we “get” what the other one is saying everyone gets excited! One hilarious byproduct of us trying to speak Latvian (or the redneck version of it) is that Brandi and I keep catching ourselves putting a “Latvian” accent on the things we say to our own kids. So if we seem to talk to you in the coming days with a different accent, just ignore us. We’re trying to wrap our minds around speaking two different languages and making sure we speak the right one to the right group of kids!

We kept things pretty low key today. We did not even try to go anywhere, with L’s fear of cars, and because today was drop off day for the Farmer’s Market Baskets. The kids just played…hard…all day. It was neat to watch our kids play with our host kids, they never skipped a beat playing together. The boys played trucks together (while Brandi was polishing P’s fingernails) and they all rode bikes and played outside together. It was a huge blessing to see them meshing well with no difficulties. It was definitely an answer to prayer.

We’re not so naive as to think there will not be challenging days ahead, but today was so much incredibly better than what I had prepared myself for. Probably the biggest day to day challenge will be figuring out exactly what they enjoy eating, but they have been helpful with that some. They were exhausted, especially when it got close to dinner time. (It was after 2 our time before they got settled in bed and they were up before 8). L actually left the dinner table to go to bed, and P was not too far behind him. She wanted me to carry her to bed, which melted my heart even more. Those who know me know that I have a soft heart when it comes to little Princesses. It was a great end to a fantastic day with our two Latvian angels…and it only causes me to look forward that much more to the coming month.

There are a couple of things I would love for you to pray for/with us about:

  • The language barrier. It’s manageable, but pray that it continues to get better.
  • L’s fear of cars. We did not have large plans for going places (especially since we now have six kids aged seven and under) but it is certainly an issue that will complicate things.
  • That we could show them the love of a family in a way they will never forget.
  • That we could show them the love of God. That they are special, and they are loved by a majestic God who created them.

Living for His Glory,



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