Goodbye My Angels


Today is the day…

The day I have been dreading for weeks now…

The day I was hoping would never come, and yet it seems like it showed up much too soon.

Today I will take two of my kids (because that’s what they are in my heart, even if they are not mine legally) and place them in an airplane to go to the other side of the world. I have no idea (and no control) over what goes on in Latvia.

This is part of what makes it so hard for me…

Will anyone fix them chocolate milk with their breakfast?

Are they free to eat their body weight in yogurt?

Will someone comfort and love on them if they get hurt?

What if they get scared?

Will someone kiss them and tuck them in at night?

Are they safe?

Will they remember us?

Will they realize how much we love them, even if from such a distance?

Will they be able to return for another hosting trip?

Will be able to add them to our family permanently? 

The questions and emotions abound in my mind. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but yet this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It has been an incredible blessing for me…one that I’ll never forget, and one I’m sure they never will either.

What makes it manageable is the hope to see them again. What makes it manageable is the love they have given us. What makes it manageable is my four amazing boys that call me Daddy, and do not have to leave me.

I have only one regret- that our Grand Adventure has to end today. That they have to leave our home and go back to Latvia.

So Goodbye for now my Angels- but not forever…

Rest assured we will not give up chasing after you…

Remember these words from your Tētis:

Es tevi mīlu

(I Love You!)

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