Mr. Thief: You Failed, Because in The End Love Wins

It has been almost exactly six months ago that all of my lawn equipment was stolen during the night. (Read a post about that here). It goes without saying that I was incredibly upset when this happened. I had worked very hard to purchase (and subsequently pay for) all of this equipment and to have someone sneak in and take it all away from me in the middle of the night was extremely upsetting.

I cannot stand a thief. Straight up cannot stand them. If you want something work hard to get it, do not take it from someone else who has worked hard to get something.

But you know what- the thief that stole my equipment failed. He (or she) may have gotten away with all of my equipment, but he failed in the end.

How did he fail you ask?

Because I was overwhelmed at the offers of people to help me when this happened. Offers to let me borrow mowers, blowers, trailers, etc. until I could get my stuff replaced. It was literally mind boggling to receive all of the comments, messages, calls, and texts from all of my friends offering to help in any way possible.

While that was amazing, it was not the biggest gain for me out of the experience. Because it was through having my insurance money from my equipment being stolen that I was able to host and meet two Latvians. Two Latvians that I fell in love with. Two Latvians that I now call my own, even though there are now thousands of miles between us.

Without my equipment being stolen we would not have had the money sitting around to pay the fees necessary for hosting. We were able to raise some money, but not near the amount that it took to host. It costs $5,000 to host for the four weeks. I am not sure the last time that any of you checked the salary level for a Firefighter, but trust me- it is not a whole lot. I am thankful for what it provides for, but I do not have thousands of dollars sitting around to pay for hosting and such things. But thanks to some random person stealing all of the equipment I had worked hard for I did have the money.

The thief got my equipment.

But I got two more kids.

I win.

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