My Daily Treasure

It used to be almost a running joke in the youth group that I was leading that when it came to be my turn to share prayer requests I always wanted to pray for my family, because Im a family man I would say. In my mind that summarizes quite accurately who/what I am. I am a family man. I absolutely love my family. There is no one else in this world more important to me than my wife and kids (and in case youre wondering- yes I include two little Latvians in that list).

One of, if not my most treasured jobs as a Daddy is to make my final rounds before I go to bed. Every now and again Brandi suggests that she will go and check on all of the babies for me and I have to quickly remind her that this is strongemmy/em/strong job. Its a treasured activity for me that only Daddies (or Mamas) can understand. Theres just something about standing there checking on your baby (no matter their age), watching them sleep, making sure they are okay that melts your heart. It is nearly every night that after checking on everyone I feel like my heart is going to burst straight out of my chest with love for my kids.

It also serves as a time for me to wonder and pray about their future, and what it holds for them.

Will my oldest really be a firefighter? Or a preacher? Or something different altogether? (FWIW Im hoping for a normal job with better pay, and a more family friendly schedule).

What about my Mito Man, will he walk? Will he ever lead an independent life? Will he beat Mito?

Will we really need to start a bail fund for KWP #3? Will he be a starting linebacker in the NFL? Will he be a star for the Gospel, telling others about Christ? (Its a sort of inside joke in our family that well need someone to become a lawyer. He’s wide open, and tends to be quite physical, especially when his Bubba is playing with something he wants!)

What is the baby going to be like when he gets older? What will his temperament be like?

And then there are the other questions like:

Am I teaching them all that I can about Christ?

Am I leading by example what it means to be a Christ-follower?

Will they realize that the biggest decision in their life is about Christ?

What about their spouses, are their parents raising them up properly?

Will they take seriously the commitment to remain pure sexually until they are married?

The lists, the questions, the worries, the emotions continue on and on. The greatest thing I feel? Love. An overwhelming, all encompassing, unconditional love. A love that has no bounds, that will never end or run out. A love that will never stop because of anything that they do. A love of a Father. A love that would cause me to willingly give up my life for them without a seconds hesitation. Because I am their Daddy, and they are my treasure.

It is because of my kids I am able to fathom in a small way the amazing love that God has for me.

Never ending…


That caused Him to lay down His life for me…

Because He is my Father, and I am His treasure…

What is your most treasured time of the day with your kids?

What are some of the things you worry/ponder about for their future?

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