The Hope Epidemic

Unless this is your first time reading any of my mindless rambling, you know that our hearts are extremely burdened for what the Bible calls “The Least of These,” namely orphans. (Especially two particular Latvian orphans…but I digress).

Some friends of ours have started an organization called The Hope Epidemic. The goal is to connect an American Evangelical Church to an orphanage in a foreign country for “sponsorship.”  Their calling and desire is to make the Biblical mandate to care for orphans (James 1:27) a personal and passionate pursuit in the life of the local Church. The body of Christ is hopeful and this hope should spread to the life of the orphan. The primary motivation is the Glory of God. Every move the Hope Epidemic makes is birthed out of a desire to be obedient to God and glorify Him.

Here is a little information about The Hope Epidemic:

Our goal is for an American Church to be matched with an orphanage.
We are convinced that God wants to use the Church to spread hope to orphans in 4 distinct ways.

We must take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the orphanage. This goal is reached
through mission trips to the orphanage, providing Bibles, and supporting local
disciple making mentors.

We desire to see the Church develop a long-term relationship with the orphanage. This is achieved through regular correspondence between Church members and orphans, an annual mission trip, and potential hosting programs.

We believe that improving the environment of the orphanage increases hope in the life of the orphan. The Church can improve the environment of the orphanage by supporting the “house mothers”, providing funds / laborers for facility improvements and repairs, and supplying gifts & educational resources.

God sets the lonely in families (Ps. 68:6). The ultimate goal is to see every orphan adopted into a Christ honoring family. The Hope Epidemic will support adoptive families through the adoption process.

I will be completely honest with you- this organization has been excited beyond measure. They will be simply connecting churches with orphanages to help take care of the needs that the orphanages have. It is an amazing way for a church to put “feet” to their faith and get in gear. Many small churches that I know probably do not have any real way that they are caring for the least of these, maybe simply because they do not know how, or do not think they have the resources to do so. The Hope Epidemic’s purpose is to be the way for the church to get connected.

You can find out more information about The Hope Epidemic, and connect with them to change lives forever by visiting them at the following links:



Twitter: @HopeEpidemic

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