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It has been a few days since I posted last, and for that I am sorry.  I am trying to post something most of the days during the week, but last Friday (the day after our Latvian Angels left us) I just could not manage to put enough thoughts together to form a post. Besides, it would have been a huge pity party post and no one would have wanted to read that…

Many people have asked us about what is next for us as we work to try and bring these two Latvians home and call them Parkers. The main thing that we have to do right now is wait. Patience is not something that I do well. When I know what I want, I want it now! Unfortunately, everything is completely out of my control and I have to learn to do a better job of leaning on God for the patience to wait.

As it stands now, we are waiting to hear more about the current status of our Latvians (as far as adoption goes). The agency that we hosted through (Project 143, Inc.) will find out their status and let us know. We will know then more about our next steps. There is a very real potential that it could be another two years before they are able to come home permanently (Latvia requires the oldest sibling to be nine years old before they will typically approve an international adoption). This is a heart breaking possibility for me, and I am not sure that my heart could handle it…we would be able to host them every six months or so for one month (P143 does Summer and Winter hosting), but the costs would quickly add up- not to mention we would have to send them back to Latvia over and over.

There are a few different possibilities that could allow us to start the adoption process sooner, but in all reality those chances are rather slim. However- no matter how slim those chances are, my hope and prayer is that will become a reality and we would be able to bring them home as soon as possible. We are wanting to make contact with the orphanage where they are and see if there is a need that they have that we could help out with. This would help us to communicate with “P” and “L”, and also help us feel better about their needs being taken care of. When we find out what those needs are, and the costs involved we will spread the word so that others can help out if they are interested.

It will soon be time to start raising money for their summer hosting, so please be in prayer about how you might could help out with those costs!

In short, for now we can only wait, hope, and pray.

Would you please join us in praying for a quick homecoming, and for the necessary funds to be raised?

Living for His Glory,


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