You’re Driving Me Crazy!

I like to think that I am a laid back sort of a guy. Very little you say can hurt my feeling (that’s not a typo, I just have one), and I try to not let stuff bother me.

But some stuff just drives me nuts.

Since it is Friday, which means it is a free for all sort of blog posting day I wanted to share my list of pet peeves, some that are more serious than others, and some that reference my wife and kids (don’t worry- I obtained permission to share before I posted- I’m no dummy!)

So here it is, the list of things that drive me crazy (in no particular order):

*Not putting the remote back where it belongs

I don’t like the have to look for the remote. On the (very) rare occasions I get to control the remote I do not want to have to look in the couch cushions for it. I have threatened to lock it up and make the kids do without…I guess I could get another one to be “mine” but that would ruin everything (and I would not have anything to complain about).

*Using the wrong door at Wal-Mart

It absolutely drives me crazy to be trying to walk out of Wal-Mart (out of the door with the two foot tall EXIT written above it) than to have to wait for someone to walk IN the door. Never mind there is another door approximately three feet over that says ENTER on it. I propose the installation of a stun gun device that sends a (small) burst of electricity into anyone using the wrong door.

*Constantly complaining about your spouse, or significant other on Facebook

No one expects (or believes) that your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/parents are perfect. But Holy Cow Batman- that does not mean you have to be constantly bashing them! Wonder why your marriage is a wreck? You’re spending your time bashing them instead of pouring yourself into the relationship!

Constantly “Jesus Juking”

This is one of my top pet peeves for sure. You can be having a random snarky, funny, or otherwise mundane discussion when all of a sudden someone drops in and tries to spiritualize the discussion. Sometimes it is done in such a manner to make the Jesus Juker appear more “spiritually minded” than you are. Jon Acuff does a masterful job explaining the Jesus Juke in his blog. The Jesus Juke is not normally taken well. Sometimes a snarky/funny/sarcastic conversation is just that, and not an opportunity to spiritualize it.

*Leaving the Dryer door open

Brandi loves to do this. Especially since I mentioned it bothers me. When the door is open the little light on the inside stays on- and that just bugs me…

*Always complaining on Facebook

You know the person. The one that is always having a bad day. The one that has to share all the negative news. The Negative Nancys. The Pessimistic Pattys. Geez….open your eyes and realize how great you have it. The fact that you have a computer with internet access to complain on Facebook makes you one of the richest people in the world.  Granted, we all have bad days, and I wouldn’t hold it against someone to complain now and again because that what friends are for- to listen and lift you up when you are having a bad day. But every. single. day? Ugh.

*American Christians complaining about “persecution”

Ahh- a church related pet peeve. Complaining about persecution because they took down the 10 Commandments? Crying about religious persecution because they passed Sunday Sales? The American church knows nothing about persecution. When is the last time someone faced death for their faith? When was the last time a church was bombed ( often with government approval) just because it was a church? Give me a break…Open your eyes people.

*Places that give Police discounts, but not Fire or EMS

Make no mistake, I do not ask for a discount when I go to a restaurant because I am a Firefighter. However, it’s frustrating to be behind a police officer who receives his meal at a discount, and I pay full price. Firefighters and EMS Personnel are important people too…if you are going to give one segment of public safety a discount it is only fair to provide that same benefit to others. (Or at least to Firefighters- they are the awesomest).

*Church Signs

You know the ones. They always have that cheesy saying that leave you shaking your head. Or they’re borderline offensive, or theologically off, or just plain strange. I propose that church signs be limited to Bible verses, and announcements or contact information. You’ve never seen any of these things I mentioned in a church sign? Here’s a couple for you, but just Google “Church signs” (or drive around Walton County) and you are sure to see a few that could make the list…

There you have it. Some of the things that drive me crazy. Some affect me more than others, some are more serious than others, but you can probably figure that out on your own.

So, what drives you crazy?

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  1. Hahahaha! Our remote control has been missing for a week now. I feel completely insane for having to actually go up to the TV to activate everything. And because my television doesn’t have actual buttons, I have to use my flashlight to even see the button sensor things!

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