Help Some Friends Stay Cool

We have some friends. (Stop laughing- we really do have friends, more than one in fact).

These friends though, they’re not ordinary (which seems to be rather typical of our friends, but that’s not the point). Many people would view these guys as radical, or crazy, or off their rockers. I find them inspiring. I want to share with you part of the life story of the Higgins family, and how you have an opportunity to help them out in a huge way, which happens to also be a free way.

The Higgins family is a family that goes to our church. They have two biological kids, five adopted kids, and are currently providing a home for three more kids. (Remember when I said many would think they are crazy?) Their adoption journey started in 2007 with hosting a Russian orphan. They pursued adoption and brought her home at the end of 2008. They thought that this was the “end” of their adoptions and they had “done their part” so to speak. However that was not the case. That was not God’s plans for them…

A year later they hosted a sibling set of three from Ukraine, and wound up adopting all three of them too! Their adoptions were complete in May of 2010. It was less than a year later, March of 2011, that they added another child to their family. A few months ago the Higgins opened up their home, and their lives to three more children who needed a home and a family for a time. This makes a total of 10 kids in their family. Their ages are 3, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 14, 14, 17, 17. TEN KIDS! It’s astounding, it’s amazing, but more than that it’s inspiring. It’s awesome to see a family take so serious the call to love others, to care for the least of these, specifically the orphan. They have not hesitated to open their family to more and more kids who need a family.

Here’s where the need arises, and where each one of us can do something to help out. With ten kids there is a need for large amounts of space to house them all. Thankfully, the Higgins have the room for all of them, and have recently finished out an area in the upstairs of their house to make more bedroom space. However, there is no air conditioning or heat in this area. That’s a problem. Especially since we’re on the brink of it getting hot, really hot. As it turns out 104.7 The Fish, along with Ragsdale Heating & Air are putting on a contest to give away a heat and air system to one family. All you have to do it visit the contest page and “vote” for them to win.

Here’s the link.

In case you don’t like clicking on links without seeing exactly where you’re going, here is the entire link:

Please, I’m begging you, take a few moments to head over and vote. You’ll have to register which will only take a few minutes. Please, share the contest with your friends so they can have the chance to help out as well. The voting ends May 6th so it is important to spread the word about this contest everywhere you can until that point. You can also only vote one time (which is another reason it is critical for you to share the contest with others). It won’t cost you anything except for a few minutes of your time, but it’ll help this family out tremendously. So please, go, vote.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the link again. Click. Vote. Share.


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