Speaking From the Heart

Puppy dogs, butterflies, little girls with pigtails.

There. That’s my post for the day.

The last post that I wrote (which was actually last Thursday) over at the Loganville-Grayson Patch took a little heat. It caused a little bit of a stir you could say. At last count it had some 84 comments which is by far the greatest number of comments I have ever received on a blog post on the Patch. It shocked me because on my 1-10 “Pot Stirring” scale I would have rated it a 5. I never would have guessed it would have garnered so much ire. It even got nasty for a little while, part of which was my fault for not being clearer with my thoughts and feelings.

So, while I really wanted to write more about the implications of a worldview that hold life to a low value/standard, I thought it best to take a moment to talk about me for a bit. To explain myself better. A reintroduction of sorts to (both of) my loyal readers. I normally try not to make it all about me, but for today you’ll just have to bear with me.

Hi. My name is Kris. I enjoy blogging because I enjoy writing. I enjoy engaging people on various topics, some that are divisive. I enjoy having the opportunity to try to speak truth into the lives of those who read what I write. I tend to be passionate about that which I believe strongly about. The problem is that I can come across as arrogant when that happens. The problem with taking a stand on a moral issue is that it can come across as judgmental and self-righteous, especially when you (I) am especially passionate about that cause.

That’s not my heart or my intentions. I’m passionately against things like abortion, and I’m a huge fan of all life, no matter how “perfect” or “normal” it may look. I will vigorously defend the rights of the unborn child (and the born ones too) to have a chance at life. But while doing so I need to do a better job with my thoughts towards those who have chosen to have an abortion. I took some heat on my last post for not doing that and I had someone go after me pretty hard because of that. So here it is for all of you to see, my thoughts/feelings for the ones who have aborted their baby, or even who don’t value life the same way that I do: Grace and Mercy.

That’s it. I don’t think that I am any better than anyone else. I don’t think that I am any “Holier than thou” or anything like that. I’m just a regular sorta fellow with all sorts of problems. I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  I should have done a better job being clear with that on my last post, and for that, I’m sorry. If I offer anything less than grace and mercy towards those who don’t agree with me, I am only setting myself up as “better” than them, and valuing their life as less than mine. (You see, the way we value life extends beyond just what we think on the issue of abortion, and I have a feeling this is a topic that we will return to very soon).

For me to be a “successful” blogger I have to be more clear with my thoughts and feelings. Successful not as in achieving a certain number of page views/hits, but successful in that I am understood. I often write on topics that come back to having a proper understanding of the Gospel. I try to live my life (including my writing) for the Glory of Christ. When I am able to do that, I am successful, both as a blogger, and as a person. But when I’m not, I’m presenting a skewed view of Christianity, of the individual, and ultimately of Christ.

That’s why I felt it necessary to take a time-out of sorts and just write from my heart.

We’ll get back to disagreeing with each other (hopefully in a nicer manner), but today it’s all puppies and butterflies.

And Bacon.

Because who doesn’t like Bacon?


Have there been times you haven’t been as clear as you should have been about something?

What do you often get misunderstood about?

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