What A Girl Wants…

We watched “What A Girl Wants” the other night at my house. My boys were already in the bed so it was my two Princesses and myself watching it. You might have seen the movie before, but this was my first time watching it. It was a really bad idea for me to watch it.

The basic idea is there was a girl in the U.S. living with her single Mom. Her Mom sang at weddings and the daughter helped with the catering and such. The girl always hated when they did the “father daughter” dance because she didn’t have her Dad to do this at her wedding. Her Dad was actually a prominent politician in England, and she decided to go and meet him for the first time.

The rest of the story really doesn’t matter, because that is not what bothered me about the movie. What brought tears to my eyes was that there was a 15 year old little girl sitting on my couch next to my wife that doesn’t have a Daddy to dance with her at her wedding, assuming that such a wedding would even take place in her life. She doesn’t have someone to be there for her when she needs someone.

That. Breaks. My. Heart.

Call  me crazy, but I want to be that person for her.

I want to be the one to walk her down the aisle (many, many, many years from now).

I want to be the one there when she needs someone to talk to, to make something better, to fix what’s broke.

Things have been going really well so far with hosting. She has bonded extremely well with Brandi, which is awesome. She is starting to trust me more and more which is even more awesome. From what I know of her background her trusting us is a huge step.

I want her to realize that I love her. I want her to realize that there are no conditions to that love. There’s nothing I want from her in exchange for my love. I just love her. No matter what.

We’re still walking down the road trying to figure out the game plan and options for a student visa. The starting point is for her to decide that she wants to come here. There are actually some updates to that I will share in a subsequent post in the next few days…

Until then- I’ll keep loving on my Latvian Princess.

Because that’s really what a girl wants…

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