Exceptional Kids, Exceptional Athletes

There is an organization I have been meaning to take the time to write about and introduce you to for some time. It’s a new organization, and one I hope is wildly successful because it focuses on an area that I am extremely passionate about. That area is special needs kids. I’ve written about my Mito Man numerous times in the past and it is actually through him that I learned about this new an exciting organization.

This organization is Exceptional Kids Athletics, a special needs athletic program for kids. Their mission is simple:

 “To provide the special needs population and their families a safe and nurturing environment in which special needs professionals and athletic professionals will instruct, encourage and assist those with unique needs in all aspects of athletic competition.”

It was my Mito Man’s Occupational Therapist, Aimee Prainito,  that had the vision for starting this organization when she was working with one of her other patients. The mom was mentioning that there was not any sort of athletic program close to Snellville for special needs kids. Aimee went home and started making plans to create exactly what this mom was wishing for- an athletic program specifically designed for special needs kids in the area. It has taken an incredible amount of work, but they are now ready to launch this organization to the public.

They are having a launch party this coming Sunday from 2-4 p.m. at Rhodes Jordan Park in Lawrenceville. They’ll have a bounce house, food, vendors, and other fun stuff. The Board Members, Coaches, Volunteers, and some of the athletes will be there for you to meet and find out more information about their organization.

Maybe you’re already busy this Sunday, but you’re still interested in finding out more information, and maybe even seeing how you can get plugged in to help out. They are in need of more volunteers to help out with all of their athletes. You can head over to their website www.ExceptionalKidsAthletics.org to find out more information or to see how you can help. If you are a student in need of community service hours this could be a perfect way for you to get them.

Get plugged in- it’s a great way for you to help out others. You’ll be tremendously blessed for helping.

Trust me.

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