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Christmas time is a joyful and festive time of year. There is lots of food, promises of plenty of unneeded gifts, and just a general sense of happiness. At least that’s the case for many of us.

But not all.

In fact there are lots of people who aren’t joyful this time of year. They don’t have anything to be joyful about. There’s no hope for anything for Christmas, in fact, there’s huge amounts of stress about whether or not there will be any food for Christmas. This is the case even in our own communities, in our own neighborhoods even.

But there is a way that you can help. Part of the strategy for Crossroads Church of Walton County is to be very intentional about reaching out to the city of Monroe, specifically Monroe High School (where we currently meet on Sundays). One of the things we have done is to meet with their C.I.S. coordinator (follow this link to read more about what C.I.S. does- it’s amazing) to see how we can serve their students. Through that relationship we were able to find out about 15 students that are classified as homeless that attend Monroe High School. That means different things for different students, but essentially they do not have a stable, secure home. They might be living with a friend, another family member, or something similar. To my knowledge all of the students have a place to live, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some serious needs for them.

Here is where you come in:

We have already taken some hygiene products by the school to give out to these students, but I am sure that there will be a near constant need for more (full-size soaps, deodorant, toothpaste, etc). Another need that has been brought up is jeans and P.E. dress out clothes. They specifically asked for various sizes of girl’s jeans. When a student is not wearing dress code approved pants they go to I.S.S. When that happens they get further behind in their classes. So- they asked for jeans to be able to give these students so they will have pants that are dress code approved. They also need some of the really long basketball shorts for P.E. (not the “cheerleader” shorts, but the long ones).

We’ve also been asked for food baskets for two families. Those have already been taken care of, but there is something else that one of the families needs. In one of the families there are some kids with some medical problems. This is causing a financial strain on the family with transportation to the doctors appointments, hospitals, etc. One of the sons has to be admitted into the hospital for five days in the next week or so. We would like to provide this family with some gas cards, a “snack basket (for their hospital room, and even some rolls of quarters for the vending machines. It’s just a small way we can help make things easier for them during this Christmas season.

The last need I want to mention is the need for volunteers. They have an after school program where they are teaching some life skills to the students and they are always looking for adults to come in and help out in this program. If you’re a business person you are welcome to come and talk about your career, you can come teach a lesson that’s already prepared, or you can just come and serve.

If you are able to meet any of these needs, or interested in finding our more information please contact me. You can call me at the Church Office (770.207.5600) or send me an email (you can find it on the church’s website here).

This is an perfect chance for you to put your faith into action and help those who need it. It’s a chance to look outside of our own lives and see the needs that others have.

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