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Sunshine on a Ranney Day LogoToday was a great day.

Today was the day that the awesome people with Sunshine on a Ranney Day came over to the house to start making plans for our Mito Man’s (aka Karson’s) new room. In case you weren’t aware we participated, and won, an auction that was benefiting Tripp Halstead. The prize was a makeover by Sunshine on a Ranney Day.

We have been wanting to do something special for Karson for a while now, but couldn’t because of the costs associated with such a project. We wanted to close in our garage and provide him with a larger room for him- both for therapy reasons, and for him to have a safe place to “be”. One of the greatest challenges that we keep running into is making our home “Karson proof”, which is essentially baby proofing on steroids. With the way his mitochondrial disease has affected him he is truly a danger to himself at times. He has no concept of the danger of sharp objects, not to mention the hazards of a kitchen. All of our drawers have locks, the furniture has to be pushed against the wall to keep him from climbing over the back, there are baby gates all over the place keeping him out of certain rooms…the list could go on and on forever. Because while he is severely delayed mentally from where he should be, he is the size of a typical five year old…which means he can (and often does) reach the kitchen counters, Kaden’s school desk, and anything else that’s low. His latest “trick” is that he’s learned to open doors, which meant slide locks on all the closets, and more baby gates to keep him safe!

That’s just an idea of what it is like try and keep him safe, and the struggles that it often entails. Thus our desire to close in our garage to make a space that is truly “Karson friendly”. It was an incredible blessing to win the auction that Sunshine for a Ranney Day was doing for Tripp Halstead’s family. We were able to help out his family, and receive an incredible blessing in a room makeover for Karson! I honestly didn’t think it would ever be something that we could do for him- so I (we) are beyond excited that it is happening!

The blessing isn’t without it’s own difficulties. We’ve found out that Walton County Code requires a two car garage for all houses. So….since we’re closing in ours to make Karson’s room- that means we have to build another one. That’s where we are hoping you might could help out…it’s going to take multiple thousands of dollars for the materials to make that happen. It’s going to take multiple man hours to make that happen. It’s going to take lots of energy, money, and time, to make it happen- something we’re often short of all the way around! Maybe you know someone who does demolition work (part of our driveway will have to be removed), concrete work (after all, we’re going to need a slab, sidewalk, etc), construction, roofing, electrical, any skill necessary to make this work- could you point them our direction? Maybe you know someone willing to donate materials or money to the garage, or his room project- That would be beyond amazing!

We’re hoping to start as soon as possible- because we are limited on the work that can be done for Karson’s room until we get the other garage built….

Whatever you feel led to do, we greatly appreciate! If you’d like to find out more about the work Sunshine on a Ranney Day does (which I think you should), you can check out their website:

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