A Lesson Just for Me


Have you ever done something that you knew was a bad idea ahead of time, and yet still did it?

I did Wednesday.

I’ve been going through a study of the book of James on Wednesday nights with my students.

This past Wednesday I taught on the topic of waiting. I taught on handling life’s situations that don’t go according to your schedule. I really knew that might not be the best of ideas. It’s like praying for patience- God gives you the opportunity to exercise and grow your patience.

Wanna guess how the rest of my week has gone?

To be honest, I feel like Satan has been punching me in the face.

If I mentioned all of the things that haven’t gone the way I wanted, or caused me to wait, or simply gone awry you would think I was making them up. It’s that crazy. They range from petty to serious, from cheap to expensive, issues with time, family, health, and all sorts of things. You would probably laugh at some of the things, and cry about some of the others- I know I have. It’s honestly been an incredibly rough time…(and yes I know that there are literally scores of people out there that have it way rougher than I’d ever imagine).

In the end it has caused me to be thankful for the lesson I taught on Wednesday. I can’t help but think that my teaching schedule was divinely orchestrated so that I would teach a topic that I would desperately need to make it through a tough season in my life. Because of that these struggles have caused me to run to God instead of way. They’ve caused me to chase harder after Him. To depend on Him even more. Because I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough.

So I’ll keep waiting. I’ll quit worrying about life going according to my plans. I’ll seek out God’s plans. I’ll seek out God’s purposes for my life. I’ll look at things from an eternal perspective and stop worrying about the things that do not matter.

In the end this past Wednesday’s lesson was just what I needed.

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