Mower for Sale

It’s a sad day. Okay, not really, but maybe a little. I am no longer a small business owner…for the past several years I have had a small lawn care business that I have been doing in addition to whatever other job(s) I have been working. This year will be different. There is literally no way that I can manage running that, and do all of the stuff that my position requires so I’ve had to make the decision to shut it down.

I have turned over all of my accounts to a trusted friend who I know will take good care of them. These customers have been amazing for me so I wanted to be sure they would be taken care of my whomever continues cutting their grass.

With that being said- I am having to sell my big zero turn mower. I don’t really want to sell it, but I need to sell it. It is a grass cutting machine, and has been an amazing mower to own. It’s a Toro Model 74295 with a 52″ Cutting deck and a 27 HP Kohler motor that only has 255 hours on it (which means it’s hardly broken in). This is not a mower that you can go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy. It’s a heavy duty, commercial grade mower…there’s no comparison to anything you’d get from a big box store.

I’m asking $6,500 $5,000 for it, which is a lot of money, but is quite a deal since I paid nearly $8,000 for it brand new…so if you have a landscape business, have a friend with a landscape business, or simply have a large area to mow and are looking for a high quality, dependable mower that will last for many years to come- let me know!

Here are a few pictures of the mower:

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