The Picture of a Servant

After a week of incredible service with our student ministry I have a solid eye of what a servant looks like. However, what comes to mind is someone who wasn’t even able to partake in much of our week, my wife Brandi.

Brandi didn’t get to participate much this week because she had to take care of our four boys. Not only was I gone all week, but one of the boys got sick, Karson cried and fussed much of the week, and the house flooded every time it rained.

Being a Youth Pastor’s wife is not an easy task, in fact it’s easily as hard as actually being the Youth Pastor. She doesn’t get to participate in everything that she wants to because of having to watch the boys. It’s a tough role, but she does an amazing job at it. She never complains about having to stay behind. She’s the model servant when you think about it. While her service wasn’t with us this week it was no less important. She served me by taking care of our beautiful kids, and doing it with excellence.

A wife with a servant’s heart. I’ve got one. She’s the best.

I love you Brandi!


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