The Silver Lining(s)

It’s been an eventful 24 hours for the Parker family.

Yesterday started out like any other normal Sunday morning with me running out of the door  early headed to the school where we have church to make sure things were coming together for service. Things changed up a little when Brandi called me telling me that Karson was sick and was looking terrible. To make a long story short he wound up getting a ride to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (Egleston) via ambulance…like I said it was an eventful day.

Karson’s blood sugar was low and he was a little dehydrated. They’re saying he has a viral infection in his mouth that is causing intense pain for him which means he didn’t want to eat or drink. They gave him fluids and pain meds and he literally started looking like a completely different child. Just in case you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a picture from when he was at the house, and one last night after fluids and eating:


To say he looks like a completely different kid is an understatement.

This has been a lousy experience, but Brandi and I were talking about all the good things that lined just right to make it better, and I was dwelling again on it at 4:00 this morning (sleeping in a crib with your sick kiddo is not good when you’re 6’3″.)

Here are just a few of the things that worked out to the good in this situation:

Transportation: We purchased an older Suburban a few weeks ago so that we would have two vehicles that would hold the family. This made a huge difference when we were deciding how we were going to get all of us back from the hospital, and make sure that whoever was with our kids was not stuck.

Work: Since I’m on staff at Crossroads Sunday is a work day for me. Thankfully I was not scheduled to teach or preach yesterday…I am also super blessed with an amazing team of people that I was able to completely bail on without any worries. I knew that the kids were in great and capable hands.

Paramedics: When Brandi called me telling me the Doctor was recommending an ambulance I didn’t stress in the least. That was because I passed one of the Paramedics that I used to work with when I was headed to church. I knew he was working, which was extremely reassuring because I knew this crew would take exceptional care of my little boy.

Childcare: We are so blessed when it comes to people willing and able to take care of our kids. Brandi’s mom was able to immediately come over and watch our other three boys so that both of us could head to the hospital with Karson. When we found out we were going to stay for 24 hours it only took one call and we had it covered for them to be taken care of! We had sooooo many people calling/texting/messaging us offering to do ANYTHING to help out with the boys- it was such a blessing.

Hospital: We are blessed to live so close to an amazing Children’s Hospital- Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. We didn’t have to decide on a typical hospital that might have care for kids- we were able to go straight to an amazing hospital that is designed from floor to ceiling to be all about kids!

Health: One of the things that struck me was how blessed we were to have such a healthy kid. I hate mito, and I hate the effects it has on my baby, but there are others, both with mito, or another disease/injury/ailment, that have it so much worse. It was a rare thing for us to be making a trip to the hospital, while others are routinely there. We are truly blessed.

It was a lousy 24 hours. We’re exhausted. We’re sore (apparently our bodies aren’t used to sleeping in a crib.) But we managed to make it home with a little boy that is feeling much better.

And we are blessed…so incredibly blessed.

We could focus on the bad things that life hands us sometimes, but we decided to look at all of the good things that made a bad experience so much better!

Thanks to all of you who helped us, prayed for us, encouraged us, called us, texted us….you guys are the best and we are blessed to be able to call you our friends!

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  1. I am confused. Karson is not the mito kid, is he?
    Brandy is the Mom?
    We have a mutual friend. Jean Woodall. My granddaughter also has mito. Kailea is 7, and a very sick little girl with a big personality.

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