Explicit Content (But not what you would expect)

996584_643762578969489_879519611_nIn our student ministry (Forge Students– at Crossroads Walton) we are studying through the Sermon on the Mount. It is not the easiest thing to teach through- and the tension level gets high at times as we are going through the teachings of Jesus in this pivotal sermon, but it has also been a lot of fun as we look at what it means to be a Citizen of the Kingdom, and imagine what it was like to hear these words as a disciple of Jesus.

A few weeks ago I actually had a friend of mine come and teach the lesson for the week. This is not something that I typically do as I am very careful about letting just anyone teach my students. I love them dearly so I want to make sure they are being taught properly— especially since we’re talking about things of eternity, and not temporal things. This friend of mine, John Winstanley was a perfect fit for the lesson of the night— you see we were set to focus on the passage found in Matthew 5:27-30 where Jesus equates lust to adultery. 

John was a perfect fit for this night because he has actually walked away from life in the corporate world to launch a speaking and mentoring ministry focusing on pornography. If you know anything about the use of pornography amongst teens (and adults) you know that the statistics are staggering. This is an incredibly relevant topic for our times, and I am so grateful for John coming and speaking on it. Talking about lust and pornography to a group of students from 6th-12th grade with a mixture of guys and gals is not an easy assignment, but John excelled in teaching the passage and making it real to my students. He was able to keep their attention throughout the time and drive the point home about how serious this issue is. He provided ample scientific facts, but he was never dry in his presentation. He provided real life (even personal) stories, but never was too graphic for the audience. After the night I had numerous people come up to me to tell me how great of a job that John did and how much they enjoyed it!

If you lead a group of students, or men, I would highly recommend you get in touch with John to have him come and talk to them about this topic. You definitely will not regret it! You can connect with John through his website (www.ExplicitContentUnleashed.com) or his Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ExpContent).

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  1. Thank you Kris and the Forge Student ministry…you guys are doing an incredible job for God. I was honored and humbled to be a part of your mission. You guys are changing lives!
    Explicit Content

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