The Deeper Yes

The Crossroads staff has been going through some discipleship material and spending time talking about the topic of living a life of priority instead of pressure. This is a topic that really resonates with me as I see that so many of people today live by the pressure of society and not by setting priorities. In the reading there was a section that I thought was so great I wanted to share with you:

“I once heard a famous life management guru say, ‘It is easy to say no when there is a deeper yes burning within.’

I believe this statement is the very reason why so few Christians live as mature and multiplying disciples. A lot of Christians have the wrong “yes” burning within.

When I stay up late to watch television and cannot wake up early enough to have a quiet time with God, I have the wrong yes. When my schedule is so full of activities that I don’t have time for my lost neighbor, I’ve got the wrong yes. When I am so busy at work that I cannot serve in my local church, I’m saying yes to the wrong things. When I don’t make time to invest in a handful of disciples, I have the wrong yes. If I’m so in debt I cannot tithe, I have the wrong yes.

Jesus was able to manage His life for eternity because He has the right “yes” burning within.

I love it.

I want to live my life based on priorities that will matter for eternity, and not by the pressures of life…

There is definitely more of this line of thinking coming as I flesh out in my mind what this looks like in my life.

Your thoughts?

What is the deeper yes that is burning within you?

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