Unplugged: A Time of Sabbath Rest


This past Wednesday night I did something I haven’t done in a really long time (if ever). I went through my phone and turned off all of my notifications for Facebook, for Twitter, and even for my email. I shut them all off and didn’t look at any of it until this morning.

It. Was. Glorious.

Really. My 10 year anniversary was this past Friday so Brandi and I were actually able to skip town for a couple of days (thanks to a Dad with tons of Marriott points, a great Mother-in-law, and a fantastic college student). I took off of work Thursday and Monday to spend some extra time with my boys. I didn’t think about work (which was actually a struggle for me). I have tons of things that need to be done, plans to be made, meetings to schedule, conflicts to repair, lessons to prepare, and I literally didn’t think of anything over the end of last week.


This was not easy for me. My personality is such that I tend to think on issues quite a bit until they are solved. I don’t like to leave things hanging.

But rest is good.

And rest is what I (we) did. We didn’t have a grand plan for our time away. In fact we intentionally made very few plans. We spent some time walking around the Centennial Olympic Park area, we did a lot of reading, we took naps. It was perfect. When we were home we spent some time working on projects around the house but also had some amazing games of tag and tackle football (for what it’s worth the room addition makes for a really nice football field). We watched movies, and spent time just being lazy.

I don’t feel guilty about unplugging from “life,” in fact I only feel the urge to do it more often. It’s a necessary thing, and a healthy thing, and I am thankful for working under a Pastor that encouraged me to do it.

And you know what- the world didn’t stop without me being available on Facebook to respond to every notification. The world didn’t stop by my not responding immediately to every email. The world doesn’t revolve around me, and spending some time unplugged definitely helped me to remember that.

Have you every spent a significant time “unplugged” from social media or email?

How did it make you feel?

Did you have the support of your employer?

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