A Prayer About the Easy Life


I confess that I desire the easy life, and yet that this is not my life. While I do not pray to have an easy life, that is the desires that I have within me. I often wonder why life seems so difficult, why living according to your plan is so hard if that is what I should be doing. In my mind I would admit that I have believed that to follow you means that things should go well. I want that life, I want a life free from obstacles, free from conflict, free from troubles, free from diseases, free from problems, free from heartaches.

However, as I study your word I see that you have never promised your followers an easy life. In fact, the opposite is true- you have promised that there will be many troubles. You have promised me that the world will indeed hate me, and that there will be persecutions because you were persecuted (John 15:18:21). You made it plain in scripture that the life of a disciple would not be an easy one- but you provide hope and peace because you have overcome the world, you have overcome the persecution and death (John 16:33).

Help me Father not to cause conflict in my life and call it “persecution.” Guide my steps, my words- direct my path along your ways. Help me to see where I am failing in my flesh and causing grief to come upon myself. May my words and actions be pleasing to you, and bring you glory. Forgive me for where I have failed you.

Father help me to look outside of myself and realize that I do in fact have the easy life. You have blessed me tremendously- with a wonderful family, in a wonderful country, with a wonderful church, with a wonderful pastor. Forgive me for looking at the negative things, and not realizing how abundantly blessed I am in this life. I have not been attacked for my faith, I do not have to fear for safety of myself or my family because I am a Christian- something that many both in the early church, and today around the world do fear.

You are King.

May I live for your name.


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