Simple Service. Everyday Missionaries

IMG_8228Yesterday since the majority of our students were out of school for MLK day we decided to do some sort of service activity. We didn’t do anything really complicated- it was rather simple actually. We took them to our house and made a lot of homemade sugar cookies, bagged them up, and took them around to my neighborhood.

I think that we tend to have the mindset that “serving” means going downtown Atlanta feeding the homeless, or doing something for widows or orphans, but that is not the case. To be clear- it is important, necessary even, to care for the widows, poor, and orphaned but that is not the only groups that we should serve and love on. Serving can become like a mission trip if we are not careful- something we schedule and leave our homes to do, and then return to our comfort zones.

Serving should be something we do right in our backyard. At Crossroads we say that we want to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus, not living for themselves, but as everyday missionaries. That can look like many things- but it doesn’t have to be super complicated. It can be something really simple- like taking sugar cookies to your neighbors. I want my kids, and my students to realize that they should be considering themselves missionaries every day, in every place they find themselves.

So what about you- how can you be a missionary today?

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