Feeling the Sunshine Love

SOARD LogoAs you guys know we spent a little time hanging out at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently (as our luck would have it we were there for Brandi’s birthday which was way more expensive than flying her to New York and staying at the Ritz, but that’s a story for another day).

On Friday (Brandi’s birthday) we had a couple of visitors- Valerie Alino and one of her friends, affectionately nicknamed “The Latino Rockstars”, stopped by to spread some love and cheer. We know Val and her friends through Sunshine On A Ranney Day (SOARD)- the world’s greatest charity who built a room for Karson on to our house. It was the greatest thing- they love all of the families they have done makeovers for- and consider them all family! Because of their love for the families they wanted to reach out to us while we were in the Hospital and love on us. They brought us some snacks and balloons, but most of all they brought us love. They reminded us that they don’t view their makeover families as “causes” to help, but family to love on.

We are blessed to know Pete and Holly, the founders of SOARD, and their amazing team of volunteers, but more importantly we are blessed to be part of the SOARD family!

photo credit: Hamed Saber via photopin cc


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